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Architecture in Europe

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    →日本語で読む Sometimes, people need to take some rest. Sometimes, people need to be alone to look at themselves objectively. Sometimes, people need to go somewhere [...]

■Tokyo■ Bar/Cafe/Restaurant

    日本語で読む The more I spent time in Europe, the more I felt that I want to visit the countries I’ve never visited before. I did go to many beautiful places but [...]

■Antwerp■ Art

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    日本語で読む In Japan, art is not familiar to us. Some museums in Tokyo, for instance, Museum of Contemporary Art and The National Art Center etc., are popular among [...]

■Antwerp■ Bar/Cafe/Restaurant

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    日本語で読む Vascobelo, a coffee shop in Antwerp, is situated near by Cathedral of Our Lady. When I walked from Museum aan de Stroom (MAS), a unique museum in Antwerp, [...]

■Utrecht■ Food

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    日本語で読む Soft or Crispy? Shoe strings or thick-cut? These are life-or-death issues for french fries lovers. Before then, we should say “friet” (pronounced as [...]

■Amsterdam and Utrecht■ Art

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    日本語で読む A bunny with a big sphere shaped face and an x-shaped nose… but transformed into artistic figures! Miffy is not only for children but also for art [...]

■Amsterdam■ Food

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    日本語で読む Which special food makes you feel refreshed? For me, Ice creams are magical food. When I want to reboot my mind or feel relaxed, I treat myself to an ice [...]

■Dusseldorf■ Art

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    日本語で読む Though my stay in Germany was for three days, I could only visit where I want on the second day. I arrived in the late afternoon on the first day, and I [...]

■Dusseldorf■ Architecture

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    日本語で読む Frank Gehry*, who was born in Toronto, Canada in 1929, created a number of architectures with wavy and somewhat distorted [...]

■Brussels■ Fashion

■Brussels■ Architecture

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    日本語で読む Atomium, a symbol of the 1958 World Fair (Expo 58) in Brussels, is neither a monument nor tower but consists of nine spheres and has a total of eight [...]
  • Grand-Place
    日本語で読む You don’t need a map to get to Grand-Place, the UNESCO-listed square in Brussels. Just go out “De Brouckere,” Line 3 or 4’s metro [...]

■Brussels■ must-see area

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    日本語で読む Brussels is not such a big city. While it depends on what you want to do, it’s enough to saunter the center of Brussels only for one day in my [...]

■Brussels■ Food

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    日本語で読む Nearly everyone in Japan knows GODIVA is a luxurious chocolate brand. We could find their shops in department stores and shopping malls all over Japan. We [...]

■Barcelona ■ Park

  • Park Guell
    日本語で読む Going up the slope, and finally! But… I highly recommend that you should get a ticket in advance, if you want to get in Park Guell without waiting. [...]

■Barcelona ■ Architecture

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    日本語で読む Have you ever been to such a sublime church? The “Catedral,” aka “la Seu,” stands in Barrio Gotico that spans from the east of la Rambla to via [...]
  • Casa Batllo
    日本語で読む Yes! That’s what I wanted to see! Last time, I was a little bit regretful about having seen inside of La Pedrera, not because it is Gaudi’s work, but [...]
  • La Pedrera
    日本語で読む One of the reasons for my visit to Barcelona is watching the distinctive architectures of Gaudi. Antoni Gaudi is a 19th century architect, who created [...]

■Barcelona ■ Bar/Cafe/Restaurant

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    日本語で読む Wow! It’s so cute! Both male and female staff wearing the same uniform: a while t-shirt, a black pair of pants with suspenders, and an ivory hat! I fell [...]
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    日本語で読む If I had stayed in Barcelona, I would have pursued attractions more and more! The time flew by so quickly in Barcelona. I like Spain more than France. [...]
    日本語で読む There is “MILANO” in Barcelona. I like the food in Europe such as cheeses, risottos, pastas, and sausages. Especially, the combination of cheese and [...]
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    日本語で読む Amazing food, beautiful and colorful designs, decorative architectures… I think I can come up with a lot of adjectives from A to Z when I express [...]

■Barcelona ■ Fashion

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    日本語で読む Where would be the first destination when you arrive in Barcelona? Sagrada Familia? Park Guell? Camp Nou? I’m sure every destination where you are [...]

■Paris■ Beautiful places


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■Paris■ Styles

■London■ Art

  • Soho square
    It is a well-known fact that London is a traditional and classical city. In terms of fashion, “trad(traditional)” fashion brands like Burberry, Mackintosh, Traditional [...]
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■Paris■ Park

  • Park Monceau
    Sylvan parks are a heaven of rest, for not only for children but also for adults in Paris. “Parc Monceau” lies in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, one of [...]

■London■ Cafe

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    日本語で読む Look at these cool cakes!  The elaborate designs of cakes triggered my interest at first sight. A lot of people stopped in front of the shop to take a [...]
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■Paris■ Show window

  • IMGP0784
    Show window dislays are like  fantasies. There are some unbelievable dramatic worlds in each window. This year, PRINTEIMPS has its 150th anniversary and the windows are [...]

■London■ Fashion

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    Fortnum & Mason, like Harrods, is a long-established department store in London. I’m sure most of the people know about their tea, but not everyone knows the amazing [...]
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