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Arc de Triomf

Arc de Triomf


Architectures and monuments in Europe are similar.

Presumably, most of the people feel somewhat bored looking at the classic buildings, castles, and monuments, if they travel around European countries from one to the next.

At first, one would be devastated while he or she feels slowly blase about them – they are still beautiful though.

Personally, I found no difference among the ones in Paris, London, and Belgium. However, in Spain, I noticed a remarkable  difference in respect to their color – one can see the brownish pigment.

Arc de Triomf is no exception. It was the gateway of the the Universal Exhibition in 1888, which leads to Parc de la Ciutadella where the exhibition was held.

When you pass the gate, you would see soaring trees which make you feel as if you are in a tropical island.

You would feel the warm wind in Spain, and see the different vibe.



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