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2015-04-22 // 0 Comments

Do you feel like eating special food at home tonight? Then, just walk around Paris! Delis, which have varieties of meat, are waiting for you all the time. You can pick your [...]


2015-04-21 // 0 Comments

Show window dislays are like  fantasies. There are some unbelievable dramatic worlds in each window. This year, PRINTEIMPS has its 150th anniversary and the windows are [...]

Galeries Lafayette

2015-04-21 // 0 Comments

  Sports gears are more like fashionable garments. Fantastic neon and some colorful miniature Eiffel towers makes me feel like running, I won’t run in Paris [...]


2015-02-22 // 0 Comments

Follow my blog with Bloglovin 日本語で読む→ When I’m stressed out, I tend to gulp coffee in large amounts. I know that it’s a totally wrong way to [...]

Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

2015-02-17 // 0 Comments

日本語で読む→ Every time I come here, I get the excitement and the energetic power from them−the big sculptures in the garden which are filled with green, the old [...]


2015-02-04 // 0 Comments

Trips to Shinagawa station always spur my disinclination because I end up dealing with its messy and busy station. But, for the sake of arts, I’m willing to tackle my [...]

Nicolai Bergmann NOMU

2015-01-29 // 0 Comments

日本語で読む→ Are you tired of the hectic days? Or do you miss flowers in the city life? This place would be a perfect place to satisfy your eyes and make you happy [...]
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