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Holding a baguette, people in Paris walk with a brisk stride – sometimes not so big…IMGP1399

There are times when a part of the baguette has been bitten off because they can’t wait to eat it until they get home.

Before I bought a baguette in BORIS, I didn’t understand why French people munch while walking; I just thought it was so cute.

But today I figured out the reason behind it!

It had a nice smell and was crisp to the touch, I felt like having a bite on my way home.

BORIS, a patisserie and boulangerie as well, seems to be popular among people  in Montmartre. It is a little far away from the popular tourist spots like La Basilique du Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge, located on Rue Caulaincourt.


In the late afternoon, people line up to get baguettes like this!


I also like their marshmallows which are arranged on the shelf beside the window. I tasted a marshmallow with framboise: big and flavory!

IMGP1614 IMGP1615

Would you like to try some?