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Canal St-Martin


I’m not bad with directions, so I can usually get to a place where I want to go.

But yesterday was different.

In fact, the place which I wanted to go to was not a “place,” it was a food truck.

The website of the “LE CAMION QUI FUME,” which specializes in hamburgers, said it was open around the Jaures station in the evening.

It was a rare case for me, but I couldn’t find it!

I sadly gave up looking for the truck and decide to enjoy seeing Canal St-Martin.

Canal St-Martin is 4.5 km long, spans from “le bassin (it means pond) de la Villete” to “Bastille.”

It is not a popular place among tourists compared to La Seine. I saw what seemed-to-be some tourists yesterday.

In all honsety, “le basin de la Villete” reeks badly. The canal doesn’t have any strong order, but it is affected by the pond.

Still, it seems like a good place to lounge around as long as one remembers to stay away from the pond.

One could find fashionable shops along the canal!


Though I couldn’t get the hamburger, I enjoyed walking albeit sneezing repeatedly (the volume of pollen in Paris is so high!)