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Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo


Yes! That’s what I wanted to see!


Last time, I was a little bit regretful about having seen inside of La Pedrera, not because it is Gaudi’s work, but the construction of its tour.

So I didn’t expect more than that, however, the tour of Casa Batllo, which had been built between from 1904 to 1906 in Barcelona by Gaudi, was exactly what I expected; the house is open to the public as it is.

I could totally savor his creation in every hole and corner.

You would be drawn into the whirlpool of the house when you set foot in. Waving railways, doors, windows, walls, and ceilings would take you to another dimensional world.

IMGP3127 IMGP3126 IMGP3122IMGP3157 IMGP3149

That must have been what “breathtaking” meant.


Surprisingly, there are a lot of magical effects in the house.

The color of the stained glass changes from where you’re standing, which means stained glasses looks colorful when one faces the sun, meanwhile it looks darker against a backdrop of the sun.

IMGP3147 IMGP3159

The stairwell is like a waterfall, since Gaudi used different blue colored tiles. The color is changing gradationally from top to bottom.



The house was designed beautifully, but speculated from all angles.

For example, the sizes of the windows in the stairwell are different. The upper one is smaller and the lower one is bigger because the upper window can gather the sunlight more than the lower one.


The grooved hallway is off the hook. It also has broadening effect!


Everything’s overwhelming…

IMGP3244 IMGP3241

IMGP3262 IMGP3261Casa Batllo was listed as a World Heritage Site like Park Guell and La Pedrera.

I’m sure just looking at the façade of this marvelous house would be a nice I idea. But if you have enough time in Spain, why not explore inside?

It takes only 21.5 euros to blow your mind. I think it’s worth while!