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Have you ever been to such a sublime church?

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The “Catedral,” aka “la Seu,” stands in Barrio Gotico that spans from the east of la Rambla to via Laietana. Unlike l’eixample, which has La Pedrera and Casa Batllo, Barrio Gotico is complicated. In other words, the former consists of cells while the latter is like a spider-web.

You might get lost though having observed a map in advance.

I always draw a map by myself on my small notebook before I start to explore a new city. I found that Japanese people are prone to robberies if one is regard as a tourist.

I learned from my bad experiences. Besides, I really think a lone female tourist should be more attentive than a male tourist. I have a tip for travelling safely: Do not unfold a map in unknown areas! Always learn the areas beforehand.

Truth to tell, I was asked directions many times in Spain which means… I must have looked like a person who knew the area!

However, despite being almost lost because of the mazy roads in Barrio Gotico I successfully reached the church.

This conspicuous church was constructed between 1298 to 1448.

To be frank, I was thinking that it’s the same as the other churchs before seeing it since the façade of this kind of building is similar in European countries. But I recognized that it is exceptional!

Once you reach the square, presumably, you would catch your breath!

Inside of the church, the sunlight was shut down, and there were candles, chandeliers, and stained glasses.


Nothing but silence. Nobody talked though it was filled with a lot of visitors.

One could totally forget the hustle and bustle of the city when entering the church. I was engulfed in a sense of holiness I’ve never experienced.


It is also a must-viewing place in Barcelona!