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Beautiful place in Paris

Canal St-Martin

2015-05-18 // 0 Comments

日本語で読む I’m not bad with directions, so I can usually get to a place where I want to go. But yesterday was different. In fact, the place which I wanted to go to [...]

Opera Garnier

2015-05-01 // 0 Comments

It might just be me, but the sky of Paris is dreamy every now and then. Opera Garnier, a theater in Paris,looked glorious in the watery sky with picturesque clouds!   [...]


2015-04-27 // 0 Comments

A red windmill and lighted letters are the symbol of “MOULIN ROUGE,” a cabaret in Paris, Montmart. It has a dual identity – it looks like a normal windmill [...]

Basilique du Sacre-Coeur

2015-04-23 // 0 Comments

I believe that people would gasp when they see this holy white basilica. The blue sky and towering trees totally accentuated the notable symmetrical design! [...]

Eiffel tower

2015-04-23 // 0 Comments

This is the one of the must-see spots in Paris. I have no words but “beautiful.” [...]