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Food in Barcelona

Cup and Cake

2015-06-02 // 0 Comments

日本語で読む Wow! It’s so cute! Both male and female staff wearing the same uniform: a while t-shirt, a black pair of pants with suspenders, and an ivory hat! I fell [...]


2015-05-31 // 0 Comments

日本語で読む If I had stayed in Barcelona, I would have pursued attractions more and more! The time flew by so quickly in Barcelona. I like Spain more than France. [...]


2015-05-30 // 0 Comments

日本語で読む There is “MILANO” in Barcelona. I like the food in Europe such as cheeses, risottos, pastas, and sausages. Especially, the combination of cheese and [...]


2015-05-25 // 0 Comments

日本語で読む Amazing food, beautiful and colorful designs, decorative architectures… I think I can come up with a lot of adjectives from A to Z when I express [...]