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When I’m stressed out, I tend to gulp coffee in large amounts. I know that it’s a totally wrong way to refresh myself and in this case, I absolutely forget about the flavor of coffee and it does more harm than good. At these moments coffee acts only as a non-flavored “brown liquid” which causes caffeine addiction.

And I found a nice coffee shop to teach me how to taste coffee.

The sign COUTUME, of a coffee shop in “AOYAMA,” reads “No.1 coffee shop in Paris.” While passing by the coffee shop, I was so curious about it and wondered what is the slender equipment made of glass which looked like a lab instrument. And inside the shop looked neat and cosy.

“COUTUME” means “custom” in English.



IMGP0649 IMGP0638

I ordered a cup of coffee made by a steam punk – the special machine for extraction of coffee which works like a siphon coffee-maker.

According to a barista, the time of extraction is important. She has to have a perfect timing and if the time is one second shorter or longer, the quality of the coffee becomes low.

I was shocked to see the color of the coffee because it looked pale brown and weak . So I asked the barista, “Have you finished extracting?”


But in sharp contrast to how it looked, it was the best flavor I ever tasted!


The coffee de jour was “Las Hojas” – fruity, a little bit sweet, very light and delicate.

If you are a coffee connoisseur or want to surround yourself with aromatic coffee flavor, just step into this white box-shaped coffee shop and relax as much as you want. You will for sure fall into raptures of their coffee place.

Enjoy the coffee break!