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It’s funny that most of the people who hear just “the UK” ask me, “is the food good?”

Actually, one doesn’t need to be worried about the food. There are so many kinds of delicious food to choose from. You can find fashionable cafes, bars, restaurants, etc. that serve Italian, French and everything else you’d like to eat.

At least, that’s all what I have experienced while staying in London.

Sweets are also good!

Today, I’ll introduce you heavenly doughnut shop, “CROSSTOWN DOUGHNUT & COFFEE BAR.”

According to their website, they adhere to making handmade doughnuts made of quality ingredients.

When I was walking in Soho the other day, I spotted the small minimal black shop which pulled the people in one after another.


Their doughnuts are displayed in a line and equally spaced along the show window.


I ordered banana cream doughnut which has banana cream filling and the banana sauce on top.


I feel hungry…


It was sweet, but not too sweet and tasted like real banana.

You might eat two at a time!

Although, the price is so high; it costs about three pounds per doughnut, which is expected, because they are in London!

Additionally, the shop staff are also nice and approachable, they can explain what you don’t understand if you want.

FYI, their shops and stockists are scattered all over London. If you don’t’ live near, they can deliver their amazing doughnuts!