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Cup and Cake


Wow! It’s so cute!


Both male and female staff wearing the same uniform: a while t-shirt, a black pair of pants with suspenders, and an ivory hat!

I fell in love Cup and Cake at first sight including their cool uniform and the white façade.

According to their website, there are many branches in Barcelona. I went to one of them, Travel and Cake, a few minutes walk from La Pedrera which lies in Aribau street. I almost slept after my late breakfast because this white café made me relax.

In this café, one can enjoy delicious meals, dessert (cakes and doughnuts etc.), and drinks.

I had a strawberry doughnut with chocolate sauce. The sauce was hot, so the non-sweetened whipped cream was melted and the doughnut sopped up finely when I poured it.

I always think strawberry is the cutest fruit in the world. When it is combined with fluffy whipped cream, it becomes super!

If you have a soft spot for sweets, it would make you fully satisfied.

Would you be happy to hear that the price of the coffee is cheaper than Starbucks? The strawberry doughnut with hot chocolate dip is 4.3 euros and the hot coffe is 1.3 euros.

FYI, a cup of tall sized coffee in Starbucks is priced at 2.20 euros in Barcelona!