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El Tast


Yesterday was such a happy day.

Nice beer and sausages made me cheerful! So did the friendly staff!!

“El Tast – CHARCUTERIE ET CAVE A BUERE” is such a nice place to enjoy a meal.

CHARCUTERIE means “deli” and “pork products,” while “CAVE A BUERE” is “beer cellar.”

Even if you don’t know their meanings, you can guess what kind of restaurant it is the moment you look through their window.


Recently, I got bored and I was in no mood to eat out in Paris.

Two reasons include a fear of the French subway and the French people’s discriminatory attitude against foreigners, which I feel sometimes.

My fear of the subway arose from the incident I had with some teenage girls that tried to rob me.

These days, I prefer walking during the daytime – fortunately, it’s summer time in Paris!

With regard to the discriminatory attitude, this is not to say that everyone is discriminatory but I guess most French people are based on the way I have been treated during my stay here.

In fact, I had been indirectly turned down by a waiter at a restaurant once. He deliberately avoided my request to be seated at their restaurant.

Both were serious problems for me, because they made me tremendously vigorless.

The behavior of the said waiter prompted me to stop going to restaurants but the staff of this restaurant, which I want to talk about now, is not like that. And I didn’t  need to take subway, because it’s near the apartment I’m living at the moment.

They have varieties of beers and when I asked if I could order it, one of the staff, who seemed to be a connoisseur of beers, took me to a shelf which has tons of it and gave me detailed explanations.


I’m not a beer lover(I prefer wines, actually), but I couldn’t help but order a beer!

Furthermore, I ordered a plate of sausages and hams (four kinds of them for 7.8 euros,) tortilla (like potato omelette – two pieces with tomato sauce for 4.2 euros) and they came with some sliced baguette.


This is quite a spread!


The sausages and hams are so nice!!!

The beer which I had was sweet and flavory organic beer. Though I have no knowledge of beers, it was a superbly delicious beer(it cost 4 euros, by the way)!


It’s totally a hiding spot –one should walk for ten minutes or so to get there from the major tourist spots of Montmart like Moulin rouge and Basilique de Sacre-Cours.


I love it!