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Soft or Crispy? Shoe strings or thick-cut?

These are life-or-death issues for french fries lovers.

Before then, we should say “friet” (pronounced as “friit”) instead of saying “french fries.” It is said that Belgium is the cradle of “Friets” so why are they called “french fries” instead ?

According to the lores which I’ve checked, the beginning of the friets goes back to the 1600s. The inhabitants of Meuse Valley (Namur, Andenne, and Dinant) , Belgium used to fry fish. However, it was difficult to get fish in winter so they cut potatoes into little fish-shapes and fried them.

As for the name “french fries,” it is said that it comes from the Irish “to french,” which means “to cut,” or it could have been from the American soldiers who were deployed in the area. French was spoken by the inhabitants and they had fried their potatoes in a peculiar way.

Which is why, we can hardly see french fries stands or shops in France. While, you can easily find them in Belgium and the Netherlands as well. We should say “friets” from now!

I wanted to find fashionable friets stands in Belgium, but it was impossible. Though all friets I’ve had in Belgium, like in restaurants and a food stand, are delicious, it was difficult to label them as “fashionable.” However, in the Netherlands, I found it!

FRIETWINKEL, which specializes in friets lies in Vinkenburgstraat, Utrecht. I didn’t feel like eating friets in the afternoon because I’ve already had lunch, yet there were so many people eating their friets in front of the shop. It sparked my interest.


We can choose our favorite from their four sauces: mustard, curry, ketchup, and mayo.


The friets are crispy and not so thin. If you are for crispy friets, you should try them in the Netherlands(in FRIETWINKEL) instead of trying them in Belgium where they are soft and thick-cut.

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