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The more I spent time in Europe, the more I felt that I want to visit the countries I’ve never visited before. I did go to many beautiful places but there are so many places to go, so many places to see. Finally, my fascinating trip ended!

Lately, the Northern European style and brands like IKEA, Flying Tiger, etc., are getting popular among Japanese people. However, we could rarely hear about the coffee from Northern Europe so I was happy to find “Norway” in Tokyo. I really missed the whole atmosphere of Europe. After I had enjoyed the coffee in FUGLEN, a Norwegian café in Tokyo, I regretted not visiting Oslo, the capital city of Norway. FUGLEN gives us a chance to soak in Norwegian design. This cafe is 100% Norwegian style.


At first, I thought that it was a small and cozy café and that it wouldn’t be crowded since it is situated between Harajuku and Shibuya, Tokyo − it’s a bit far away from both stations. The truth is, it is exactly the place to relax and feast on coffee, but visiting the spot is so inconvenient unless one lives there. However, one after another, a lot of people visited the small café while I had been enjoying coffee.

FUGLEN (bird, in English), was launched in Oslo, Norway in 1963. They offer coffee, cocktails, and Norwegian design as well. During the daytime, it runs as a café while at night it changes into a bar.

FUGLEN in Tokyo renovated an old Japanese style house yet it’s difficult to imagine how it used to be because everything is now Norwegian style. Inside the café, beautiful vintage Norwegian tableware and furniture were arrayed − it was more like an interior shop at first glance. Fun Fact: Even though FUGLEN is not an interior shop, the tableware in the café is available for sale.


I had a COLD BREW KAMWANGI, the barista explained to be the most popular one.The flavor was amazingly nice although it was iced coffee. It was served in a small brown bottle and come with a small white cup-sized bowl. Everything’s snappy. The coffee was slightly sweet and comfortably bitter. If someone were to say that coffee is just a bitter drink, I really want to recommend the coffee in FUGLEN. It would change their stereotype of coffee.



It is not so convenient to get there, but worth going. You can feel the Norwegian atmosphere.