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Trips to Shinagawa station always spur my disinclination because I end up dealing with its messy and busy station.

But, for the sake of arts, I’m willing to tackle my dissatisfaction with the station.

“HARA MUSEUM” is a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle.

After a ten minute walk from the station, one can see a Bauhaus-inspired structure in white which, according to its website, is a rare example of early Showa architecture though it may be hard to locate this structure because of towering trees that surround it, making it look like a forest.

The museum frequently showcases pieces under art, design, architecture, music and dance whiten but the museum also has a chronic display of pieces in their garden, however it is not allowed to take pictures.


Speaking of photographs, the museum will be exhibiting Mika Minagawa’s photos from January 24 to May 10 in 2015. Mika Minagawa is one of the famous photographers and film directors in Japan.

You can enjoy every nook and corner in this museum!



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