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Sometimes, people need to take some rest.

Sometimes, people need to be alone to look at themselves objectively.

Sometimes, people need to go somewhere to forget their daily lives.

If people don’t do the things listed above, they would get crazy. That’s why, people have to travel. I believe that traveling makes people happy and feel relaxed.

I love traveling. I really wanted to travel, but I couldn’t. It is impossible to travel around the world all through the year.

After I got back to Japan, I couldn’t write anything about Japan(Though I wrote an article in Japan, it was the café from Norway which is in Tokyo – I couldn’t forget the atmosphere in Europe).

While the art, fashion, cultures, and architectures are amazingly beautiful in European countries, I felt the ones in Japan seem less attractive. However, I finally found an attractive place in Japan.

HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO is such a unique hotel in Kyoto. It is not only an accommodation, but also an art gallery. In addition, some rooms are available as apartments. It takes about 10 minutes from Kujyou staition. Seemingly, it is a residential district so it might be hard for you to believe that there is a hotel in this area. And little wonder, this hotel used to be a dormitory. It was renovated in 2011. The concept is “express ever-changing contemporary art & culture of Kyoto.”



The room is not so spacious, but enough for single traveler. It’s cozy and fashionable every nook and corner. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m at home.



In the art gallery, an exhibition is held by Hiroko Takahashi who creates her design out of dots and lines.


Regarding breakfast, just amazing!( You have to book in advance.)




At night, we can relax at the bar.

IMG_2790 IMG_2789


I want to live in this hotel…

It costs me  ¥12,000 per day. Their website writes it costs from ¥6,000 – it depends the season, maybe…

Though it’s not so reasonable, everything’s fine. I’m really sated with this ambience. I could be relaxed, look at myself objectively, and forget my daily life.

Anyway, I feel like writing more about Japan through this experience. I’m sure there are a lot of fabulous, fascinating and fashionable things in Japan.

In an aside, it takes ¥77,000 per month(unfurnished room) if one rents as an apartment. It’s a great deal!

I would apply for this room if I live in Kyoto for a long time.