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“Ile de la Cite” and “ile St-Louis”

In my opinion, ile de la Cite and ile St-Louis, the former is situated in the 4th arrondissement of Paris and the latter is the 1st, are not the highest priority as tourist spots if you don’t have enough time to stay in Paris ; there are not so many attractive places and the islands themselves are tiny.

I think they are places for people to amble around while enjoying the striking riverbank of Seine, which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991.


The scenery is beautiful and picturesque buildings chime perfectly with each other!


The highlight of ile de la Cite is “Cathedrale Notre-Dame.”



Whereas for ile St-Louis,’ it is its ice creams!


One could find a lot of ice cream parlors scattered around Rue Saint Louis en l’ile.


Usually, I don’t like to go to popular cafés and restaurants, but “Berthinllion” was an exception. They have two shops, placed side by side, with the left one for eat in, and the right one for take out.


I really wanted to have an ice cream with whipped cream there!

One scoop of ice cream with whipped cream and sauce(chocolate or raspberry) is for 6 euros.

I ordered one scoop of chocolate ice cream with whipped raspberry sauce.


Actually, the shop had an antique and high class ambience which was not my taste, but I was satisfied with their gorgeous ice cream.

I didn’t know why it had small ice chips inside the ice cream(is that normal?) but the ice cream healed my tired body – I had walked for an hour and a half from Montmart!


※FYI, their restroom is an old style with no toilet seat. I don’t want to tell you on this website, but just in case!

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