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Though my stay in Germany was for three days, I could only visit where I want on the second day. I arrived in the late afternoon on the first day, and I had to leave in the late morning on the last day. On the second day, it rained in the morning in Cologne. I wanted to go to Dusseldorf that day, yet I fretted about the weather for a while. Should I go there or just explore Cologne? However, I didn’t want to lose this opportunity so I decided to go to Dusseldorf.

When I got there, it stopped raining. Like this, we can’t control the weather – it is the force of nature. I don’t think about this kind of things on a daily basis; the exhibition at KIT (KUNST IM TUNNEL) made me think this way.


The theme of the exhibition at KIT, a museum in Dusseldorf, Germany, was “Perception of the Landscape Today.” The exhibition was composed of art works by eight young artists. In this exhibition, they expressed the “overpowering forces of nature” through their eyes in a different way by means of photographs and video installations.



KIT is a museum is located in Rheinufertunnel, Germany. It looks more like containers to me. The tunnel has two stories, whose first floor is a café and whose ground floor is a museum.

The museum is not so big, yet the bright clean open made me feel as though it were spacious.

IMGP4137 IMGP4121

The exhibit at KIT was maximized with its creative space and the artists’ art pieces. It was so interesting to see how the art works were displayed.

At the café, one can have many kinds of drinks, including the beer from Dusseldorf, overlooking a nice view of the Rhine.