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If I had stayed in Barcelona, I would have pursued attractions more and more!

The time flew by so quickly in Barcelona.

I like Spain more than France.

Compared to London, I don’t know which I like more.

The atmosphere in London catered well to me, specifically the fashionable areas like Shoreditch and Soho, however, the price is so high.

I would become bankrupt if I stay in London for a long time!


I could find only a few fashionable cafes and restaurants in Barcelona but the prices were reasonable.

Spain is vibrant! In a phrase, everything’s colorful in Spain….

Picture waking up to vivid yellows, reds, blues, and greens.

Spain makes you feel lively!


This restaurant is also colorful, but different from the vividness I describe above. The palette of this restaurant makes you feel relaxed.

Beautiful flowers, patterned cushions and sofas, and tiled walls caught me at first. Though it seems like a mixter-maxter, they wonderfully fuse together.

IMGP2774 IMGP2771 IMGP2766IMGP3045

LA CAMARGA is a 10 to 15 minute walk to Aribau Street from Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona

They have two types of set menu for lunch on weekdays, 25 euros and 15 euros each.

I ordered the one for 25 euros, which includes appetizer, three dishes, and a drink.

It seems a little bit expensive compared to the restaurant which I introduced in the last post, but you can eat your fill of their food!

How happy I was when I settled into the cozy sofa because I was slightly tired of walking around Barcelona. And the warm lights made me feel at ease.

The set menu has a gazpacho, grilled asparagus with cheese and ham, and seafood paella.



My favorite was grilled asparagus! It was soft because the skin of the asparagus was peeled carefully.

Hmm, yummy!


The paella was also delicious. Although the portion was big, I could enjoy their fresh seafood.

Finally, I added a cup of coffee, which costs 1.85 euros and comes with small pieces of pie. IMGP3066

I fully enjoyed the food, ambience, and staff as well.

I like the people in Spain!

Of course, the food, too!

I think some tourists will visit this restaurant, but the Japanese rarely will.

One of the staff asked me, “where are you from?” when she saw my credit card. Maybe the display of “yen” was rare!

I always want to say thank you many times when I leave restaurants in Spain.

I definitely recommend that you should go to this restaurant during your trip, if you want to dine in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

You know, bars in Spain can be too cheerful and too lively.