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Amazing food, beautiful and colorful designs, decorative architectures…

I think I can come up with a lot of adjectives from A to Z when I express Spain(But “Z” is difficult!).

I loooooooove Spainnnnnnnnnnnn!

I suppose most of the Japanese people might be worried about safety in Spain.

With regard to Barcelona, the center of Spain, which is a major tourist spot as well, you should be careful with pickpockets, but you don’t need to worried about more than that – I feel it’s safer than Paris.

Besides, people are helpful and kind. I’ve never been asked “Japanese?” in a strange way – there are so many suspicious people like frauds in Paris, and they always search for suckers.

I’ve gotten this impression from the walks I’ve had in Spain.

The structure of roads in Barcelona is like a grid like Sapporo and Kyoto in Japan, so it’s not complicated. That is, Barcelona is an appropriate place to walk!

The roads are clean and safe, you would enjoy walking all the time.

You can find plenty of architectures which were created by Gaudi, a 19 th century architect, and the city itself is like a heritage.

And, don’t forget the bars in Spain!

I’m sure you could find many bars during your walk. But it’s as difficult as finding your favorite café in Paris because every bar sounds intriguing.

But you don’t feel so intimidate by it! Every bar which you think is nice is exactly the nice bar that would suit you.

Staff at the bars in Spain are mostly nice, so you would never feel contempt against them like you would in Paris. Even though the staff look crabby, they aren’t in actuality.

Yesterday, I went to “La CONSENTIDA CERVESERIA.”


You can choose your favorite from varieties of pinchos, skewered food(1.5 euros each) on the counter. They are not on the menu so you should order directly if you have a table far away from the counter.


The food inside the glass cases are tapas (different price for each.)


The price in Spain is cheaper than any other country where I’ve been to these days. When it comes to a glass of wine, it is half the price in France, and the staff pours the double the amount!

I had four kinds of pinchos and two of tapas, octopus salad and tortilla(potato omelette).


It was so hard to control the impulse of ordering everything, but the portion is so big!

I wanted to order more. I’ll try next time.

By the way, I like looking at beautifully arranged bottles and the brisk movement of the staff at the bar in Spain. They serve and clear the table quickly, and never miss spots when they clear the counter.


And look at those dynamic displays of raw ham and jugs! IMGP2676 IMGP2679IMGP2680