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La Fee Delice


Even if you don’t have time to travel to France, you can totally enjoy the ambience of an authentic creperie without leaving Tokyo. This temporary escape and hideaway in Shibuya is located on Cat street just past “GYLE.” On the left lies a cozy, two-story house with a bright red and yellow wall. If that doesn’t get your attention, surely the plethora of plants will guide you into the promised land-crepe heaven.



The decor inside the first-floor restaurant is amazingly creative as well as the funky facade: antique tables and chairs, printed chushions and more – these are the kind of items we could probably find them at a flea market in Paris!


La Fee Delice” is a restaurant that specializes on “galette,” a French style crepe made of buckwheat and originated from Bretagne in which northwestern France.

When I arrived in mid afternoon around 3pm, lunch time was just almost wrap up. I was lucky enough to get in just in time and it was still full with many young women busy chatting with their friends over their lunch. So perhaps if you’re not into crowds, it might be best to sneak in just before 3pm. That way, you can still choose a delicious lunch set or a lacerate.

A lunch set cost 1,850yen, although at first glance a bit pricey, it includes a salad, two crepes(a main dish and a dessert) and a cup of yummy coffee(or tea). While portions may appear significant, the mouthwatering galettes are fairlylight, so most young girls can clean their plate with no problem.


I ordered a lunch set which includes “complete” : tender ham,  gourmet cheeses and a fresh egg are put in a crispy crepe. I chose nutella chocolate crepe. Both are so tasty!

The dough of crepes are in fact different between the main dish and desserts. A dessert crepe is softer than the that of a main dish and the difference of textures is what makes this experience so wonderful.

Viva la France and Enjoy!

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