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It’s so easy to find popular boulangeries in Paris, because everyone lines up in front of the shops in the late afternoon.

I’m sure a shop out of which people go with baguettes from one to the next, is a kind of testimony of a good boulangerie.

Meanwhile, there are so many definitely-good boulangeries in Paris, it’s so difficult to go to every shop in a short period.

Since I’ve been seeing a number of people getting sucked in “LA PARISIENNE,” I have wanted to buy a baguette there since I arrived at Montmart.

Do you remember my former post about people biting their baguettes after buying it?

Yesterday, since it was tough to restrain myself from biting the baguette, which was fresh from the oven of “LA PARISIENNE,” eventually I had a bite!


If you don’t bite a freshly-baked baguette, you might waste one of the fantastic moments in your life.

It is definitely right to have a bite soon after one buy a baguette.

The baguette in “LA PARISIENNE” was slightly salty and crispy outside, chewy and comfortably moist inside – it was softer than the one I had in BORIS.

The baguette continues to be crispy even after a day and fills my room with its savory scent!

Picking the next boulangerie I am going to next is one of the hardest decisions I have to make.