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La Pedrera

La Pedrera


One of the reasons for my visit to Barcelona is watching the distinctive architectures of Gaudi.

Antoni Gaudi is a 19th century architect, who created singular architectures including Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Park Guell, and so on.

He was born in Baix Camp, northern part of Spain, and was based in Catalunya as an architect.

What attracts me most in his masterpieces is the exquisite façade of architectures: wavy, colorful tiled, and figurate motifs. I’ve been unable to get it out of my mind since I’ve seen those photos.


I was satisfied with having watched his creations at first, but when I admired La Pedrera, the desire increased more and more.

Then I decided to uncover the veil.

It costs 20.50 euros for one person to look inside, but I believed that it would be one of the precious experiences in my life.

To my regret, I found I was mistaken after I looked through inside of La Pedrera.

The roof terrace was nice, especially the gigantic objects and the curvy window frames, but all in all, it was created like a museum; the attic was filled with Gaudi’s introduction of his background, and on the other floor was created as the exhibition of antique rooms in the past.


IMGP2737 IMGP2734 IMGP2733 IMGP2732

Having observed the details of the architecture was slightly more productive than having looked outside, but in terms of La Pedrera, you would be satisfied with looking outside!

IMGP2748 IMGP2746IMGP2699IMGP2743

I will go to the other architectures today!