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Finally, I did it!


I could get to the food truck which I mentioned in my former post.

I definitely wanted to get there though I didn’t have enough time, I took a taxi from Montmart to Place de Madeleine, the place the truck was parked.

I find no merit in taking the subway in France anymore. An accumulation of unlucky incidents make me feel like that.

I know that Place de Madeleine is not far away from Montmart, so my plan was going there by taxi and going back to Montmart by foot.

So I memorized the direction that the taxi took while I was inside it.

That was the one last chance for me to get the hamburger because the truck usually parks away from my apartment, and my staying in Paris has a limit.

That time, my passion was the strongest than anyone else’s in the world!

I prepared a note with the words “Place de Madeleine” in advance, and showed it to a driver as soon as I hopped into a taxi.

By the way, it’s so important to create notes with the places you want to go in Paris, because it is possible that they might not understand (or hear) if the pronunciation is incorrect.

Luckily, it was not so hard to memorize the landmark.

When I got to “Madeleine,” I almost missed the food truck again, since a lot of people were queueing for their hamburger and covering the truck’s logo in front.


French people are known as gourmets, but I’ve become keenly aware of that fact recently. I saw many people who were lining up in my short stay in Paris.

In Japan, lots of people line up, too. But there is a crucial difference between them.

The Japanese people are lining up just to satiate their interest, while the French people are simply getting delicious food- they know the real delicious food!

The hamburger truck is the same, they seemed be to familiar with the menu.

Though I didn’t know what choice was best, I ordered their most popular hamburger (barbecue) and french fries.


I wanted to eat while it was hot, so I sat down on the bench on the street and grabbed a bite.

It was the most amazing hamburger I’ve ever had!

The patty was medium rare and juicy, yet the bacon and fried onion were crispy. Meanwhile, the cheese and sliced grilled onion added spice to them.

The buns were soft but grilled until browned inside.


The french fries are also soft yet partially crispy because they use potatoes with the skin.

I was addicted to those french fries!

The hamburger was big enough to satisfy my stomach, so it was difficult to finish the french fries at one time.

I kept them for my dinner. I think this set is too big for Japanese women.

After the big lunch, I safely got back to Montmart by walking for 30 minutes.

The hamburger and french fries cost 10.9 euros and the taxi for 10 euros. In total, around 21 euros…

How rich I am!(Actually, I’m not.)

I highly recommend the hamburger!

But it’s a challenging area for foreigners, because you should check the place in advance, and their website is in French.

Good luck!