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A limited shop of Hermes in Spain


Where would be the first destination when you arrive in Barcelona?

Sagrada Familia? Park Guell? Camp Nou?

I’m sure every destination where you are planning to go would be nice, but for fashionistas, “Hermes” is definitely the must-go place in May 2015.

“La maison de Carres,” which specializes in scarves, is a limited shop of Hermes!

While I was just strolling around Passeig de Gracia, the center of Barcelona, a man and woman who were wearing white coveralls with beautiful scarves and paper bags of Hermes, were handing out flyers to the people passing by.


They said, “Hermes is over there, but this shop is nothing but scarves.”

I didn’t know the details, but I had a clue of what it is. I went there in a moment.


When I got to Pasaje Campos Eliseos, the white façade with cute illustrations, which looked somewhat unrealistic suddenly appeared, and a downtown oasis lay vis-a-vis.


I tilted my head because I didn’t know what they were, but a man with a black suit said, “OK. Start with the store at first” and called one of the staff inside.

That was the dream house of Hermes!

A woman with the same coverall gave me a tour of a big white dreamy house.

On the first floor, you can see the beautiful scarves of Hermes and experience attractions including undergoing simulations of the print of your customized design, watching magic, attending a photo shoot etc.

Besides, you can buy scarves if you want!

IMGP2562IMGP2566IMGP2553 IMGP2552

In terms of magic, instead of using playing cards, they use photos of fashionistas(it was difficult to memorize the photo though…)


On the second floor, there is a spacious room which is filled with imaginary products made with Hermes’ scarves: pilied up big cushions, a hammock and a swing.

IMGP2558 IMGP2559

After the tour, you can go to the oasis (it is like a café-like area) in front of the shop.

Everyone get free ice cream!


And enjoy origami, if you want. The form of the origami is, of course, a horse, which is the symbolic motif of Hermes, which the staff could teach you.


It opens from 11am to 8pm and closes at the end of May 2015.

If you are in Spain, why not go there? You can totally enjoy the world of Hermes!