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Which special food makes you feel refreshed?

For me, Ice creams are magical food. When I want to reboot my mind or feel relaxed, I treat myself to an ice cream.

I don’t know why but I think ice creams are cute food. Truth be told, Q-pot., a Japanese accessory brand designed by Tadaaki Wakamatsu, has many accessories, including necklaces, earrings, and rings etc with various kinds of ice cream motifs.

Like this, the motif of ice creams is known for fashion, but it is difficult to find fashionable ice cream parlors. I’m so lucky to find this ice cream parlor in Amsterdam.

MAGNUM has 8 branches in the Netherlands which offer their gorgeous ice cream. While rambling around Amsterdam, suddenly curious show windows with decorated ice creams appeared. De Magnum Pleasure Store lies in Leidsestraat in Amsterdam. In this shop, you have your ice cream customized. One can choose coating from three kinds of chocolates (white, classic, or dark), three kinds of toppings, and dripping from two kinds of chocolates.



I chose dark chocolate coating, pink colored toppings, marshmallows, and white chocolate dripping for my ice cream. I was thinking about what kind of chocolates and toppings would have made it gorgeous!

My ice cream was like jewelry!


Watching this making process is so fun because the staff are like bartenders. They shake the toppings with a shaker and coat the ice cream with chocolate like magicians. The staff are so friendly so you can definitely enjoy the whole process of making your ice cream. When I held my camera in front of him, he said, “are you ready?” Then he dripped the chocolate holding his hand high in the air.


The ice cream was amazing – the best ice cream that I’ve ever had!

Be careful not to smirch your face with chocolate!