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It is said that Antwerp is the city of fashion, however, I didn’t know the meaning of it until I got there. Though I got some information about streets which are famous for fashion in Antwerp on internet, I couldn’t imagine the atmosphere well.

I knew some famous fashion designers what we call the “Antwerp six,” who graduated from Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp including Dries Van Noten, so I vaguely connected Antwerp and fashion.


How fashionable? – that was the simple question.


Believe it or not, I could feel the fashionable vibe right after I arrived at Antwerp Central Station.

That is exactly the fashion city!

Antwerp Central leads directly to Mier Street, which is one of the more exciting streets. Flags of fast fashion brands like ZARA, H&M, forever21, etc. were flying on the street. But they are not my interest, because I could purchase clothing at those stores whenever I want – people could find them all over Europe!

Instead of going to them, I wanted to search a lot of unique shops.

But Antwerp is so big!

Unlike Brussels, one day wasn’t enough to explore all of Antwerp.

I just strolled along Mier and Schoenmarkt, then I could find a unique shop which combines fashion atmosphere with a coffee shop.



Maurice COFFEE & KNITS lies in Schoenmarkt, a street that runs down into Mier.

According to their website, Maurice is a knitwear label and coffee label as well in Antwerp. Maurice has a variety of items including headwear, scarves, pulls, and cardigans, and all of them are made by hand. Moreover, they give workshops every now and then.

In this spacious café, artificial flowers are hung out above the counter, and individual chairs are placed here and there. I ordered a glass of iced coffee and viewed the sophisticated display.

If you are an artist or just want to create something new, your artistic inspiration would be drawn from this creative space.

I wanted to stay longer, but I didn’t have enough time!





Antwerp is a little bit far away from Brussels, but I but I certainly would visit it again.





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