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Manneken Pis


Brussels is not such a big city.

While it depends on what you want to do, it’s enough to saunter the center of Brussels only for one day in my considered opinion. You would enjoy having waffles, chocolate, and beers, and looking at the major tourist spots like Grand-Place, which was registered as the World Heritage Site in 1998, and Manneken Pis within a day.

As I listed above, Manneken Pis is so famous…


It’s so small!


Most of the people, who look at this famous monument would think, “Wow, it’s smaller than I expected! But I should take pictures because it’s famous.” Honestly, it was anticlimactic for me.

But while walking around the monument, I could find a lot of unique Manneken Pis replicas and a graffiti near the monument!

So, I’ll show you them today.




For the good news of waffle lovers: there are a plenty of waffle shops along rue de l’Etuve, in which Manneken Pis lies, so you would feel like pigging out – I suppose you can’t decide which waffle shop is better!

The waffle is crispy and fluffy! You should try it!

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