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Marais is the perfect place to visit for fashionistas, and in particular, one can’t leave there without visiting Merci, lifestyle-theme shop. The decoration in the sophisticated store is dynamic and magnificent, and the arrangement of their exquisite products are also quite unique.

IMG_2366Merci lies in front of “St-Sebastien Froissart,” a metro station in the eastern part of Paris, and on a fairly quiet street unlike some of the other more congested streets of Marais. But the shop was full of people who like to search for secret treasures from all over the world.IMG_2370 IMG_2368IMG_2361IMG_2363

The cafe besides the shop is also a must-go place!IMG_2383

The food is amazing and the atmosphere is inviting. Look at those old books! You can totally enjoy the relaxing moment. And, the staff are so kind!IMG_2381 IMG_2377

On the other hand, admittedly, the food is little bit expensive – salmon bagel for 18 euro(Japan is actually cheaper), but I think it’s normal in Paris.  IMG_2376But if you are into fashion, you will definitely fall in love with it at first sight.


※Merci was created by Bernard and Marie-France Cohen, Founders of BONPOINT, the children’s fashion label in March 2009. According to their website, since then it has become the launch pad of many young designers and Bernard and they are continuing to donate some of their proceeds to Madagascar.

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