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In Japan, art is not familiar to us. Some museums in Tokyo, for instance, Museum of Contemporary Art and The National Art Center etc., are popular among art lovers, yet we have to pay a lot of money to look at their art pieces. Moreover, we can hardly find art on the streets and parks which have art pieces in Japan while in Europe some museums can be entered for free every day or on specific days like happy Fridays. While sauntering around the towns, I keenly felt that people in Europe have many chances to look at art in their lives because I could find plenty of art pieces including graffiti and sculptures.

MIDDELHEIM MUSEUM is far away from Antwerp central station so no one can easily find it unless he or she lives near from the museum. It takes 10 to 15 minutes by bus to get there from the station. Besides, it’s not easy to get off the right stop for travelers because there are no announcements on the bus. I really wanted to get there so I took a bus and managed to reach the museum.

This museum is like a vast park with art pieces. Innumerable sculptures are scattered in the ample space. It’s for free!


I’d like to say “Explore if you have enough time” but the scale is beyond imagination so good luck!

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