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There is “MILANO” in Barcelona.

I like the food in Europe such as cheeses, risottos, pastas, and sausages.

Especially, the combination of cheese and risotto (cheese risotto) is perfect for me – I feel like eating them every week.

If the day had come for my last meal, I would choose “cheese risotto.”


MILANO offers reasonable pastas and risottos.

I was so glad to find this restaurant because I really wanted to eat risotto. But, as you know, there are so many bars in Spain that it is difficult to find this kind of restaurant which specializes in pastas and risottos.

Look at their signage!


It says “risotto and pasta” – everyone can understand what kind of restaurant it is!

The restaurant is very small and I couldn’t find their website nor their facebook page.

On the menu, it reads “share your experience with tripadvisor.” Okay, I’ll share my review of the restaurant on my website instead!

Minimal and clean would be the suitable words for this restaurant.


At first, they offered me a small seat near the entrance but the stool was uncomfortable.


I asked to be moved the other table instead, when the other customer got out the restaurant – it was a bit crowded at lunch time!

So, I could successfully get a nice seat in the back of the restaurant.

To my surprise, they have a 7.9 euro set menu for lunch (it’s rare in the other countries I’ve been to) which includes appetizer, risotto or pasta, dessert, and drink. But, despite being written in bold characters, I couldn’t recognize the set menu and accidentally ordered cheese risotto from a la carte!


Anyway cheese risotto with truffle was sooooooo tasty.


It looked simple, but the nice flavor of truffle and the cheese totally caught my heart. It costs only 6.5 euros if you order by itself, which is not so bad.

I’ll definitely try the lunch menu next time.

Gracias and Grazie!