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Omotesando, Tokyo is a trendsetting area. New shops are having grand opens all the time and they’re always crowded – especially if they are located on Omotesando Street, and liked by people of all ages. But once we go off the beaten path and enter a narrow side street, there are many quiet and quaint residential areas with their own microcosm of life just waiting to be discovered. To be honest, you’ll never find “OMOTESANDO KOFFE” without getting lost!


An old house with bamboo blinds on the second floor might be the only noticeable landmark of this cute little coffee shop. If you miss it, you’ll probably pass the small gate which is faintly lit up by a warm orange light and the thin small sign of “OMOTESANDO KOFFEE” standing at the edge of a pavement road.

Once you enter the gate, a small counter with a simple and minimalist design will welcome you inside. The beautiful counter and a Japanese style alcove which is lit up by an artistic light fuse together to create a breathtaking atmosphere.

IMG_1945 IMG_1946

There is no place to sit except a small bench in the garden, however, that is the whole point – this calming atmosphere made me want to stay for an extended period of time.

Now, a barista is making a coffee after he receives an order. They offer a fairly small, yet creative selection of delicious cubical baked goods – they have persistence of the shape of cube 3.5 cm on each side because they believe that it allows their customers to really enjoy and savor coffee with their sweets. They are browned perfectly with a cool custard flavor. In addition, these cubed sweets are served in a coffee filter. That’s interesting and amazing!

In my busy life, I forgot about the fact that coffee is not just for drinking but for taking a break. A nice atmosphere and coffee make people relax and happy. I secretly thought that I’ll come here to get away from the busy life when I’m tired.

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