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Park Guell

Park Guell


Going up the slope, and finally!




I highly recommend that you should get a ticket in advance, if you want to get in Park Guell without waiting.

Park Guell is designed by Gaudi. According to the flyer about Park Guell, Eusebi Guell asked Gaudi to create houses for rich people. The real friendship between Guell and Gaudi launched this plan onward in 1900.

However, construction was not so easy. It was stopped in 1914 due to an overwhelming amount of problems. After the death of Guell, his property was bought by the City of Barcelona, and the construction was restarted in 1922. It later opened as a park for the public.

When I got there around 4:30 pm, though I could get a ticket, I had to wait for an hour and a half to go inside.

They set a limitation on the amount of visitors per hour, which is 800, so you might not enter it if the capacity is over when you arrive at the park.

While waiting, it’s free to go around the park without monumental zone, which has the two main houses with colorful tiles. I felt like I was in a resort area because the park is filled with wingy trees that is reminiscent of south islands.

IMGP2825 IMGP2821 IMGP2834 IMGP2817

There are four entrances around monumental zone to choose from. Facilities for tourists are fully equipped, many benches, ice cream shops, cafes, restrooms, etc. so waiting doesn’t seem tedious. IMGP2841

The entrance ticket costs 8 euros per adult, but it costs 7 euros if you buy the ticket earlier though their website, which is not so bad in my eyes because the park is so clean and safe – the police are patrolling all the time.

Regarding safety, I saw a few suspicious sellers selling some souvenirs outside monumental zone and freaking out all the time because of the patrolling.

They ran away, when the police patrol car approached. Since they did the same things repeatedly, I wondered if it’s meaningful for them to sell at the park.

After the picnic around the park, finally, my turn came! IMGP2837

The monumental zone is not so big, so 30 minutes is enough if you just walk around.

But once you see the landscape from the center of the park, you would feel like staying longer.



I was content with the awesome view and Gaudi’s fantastic creations.

Gaudi’s creation is always magnificent. The massive tiled pillars are ravishing.

Don’t forget to look at Gaudi’s creation from top to bottom. The miniscule designs of the his creation are a must-see!







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