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Soho in London

Soho square

It is a well-known fact that London is a traditional and classical city.

In terms of fashion, “trad(traditional)” fashion brands like Burberry, Mackintosh, Traditional weatherwear, etc. and well-established department stores like Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, and Liberty London stand with dignity in the center of London.


Soho, where Liberty London is located, can be found at the center of London – just a few minutes away from the Oxford Circus subway station.

When I set foot in it, I felt a different atmosphere especially with its small shops, bars, restaurants, boutiques, etc. Although I like the traditional atmosphere in London, when I saw Soho I thought, “I like it!” in a minute or two. Unlike the rest of London, which seems to be appealing traditionally, Soho (and Shoreditch!) were areas where art and fashion seem to be much more modern and contrasted greatly to the London we’ve grown accustomed to.

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Yes, this is the place where fashionistas definitely like!

Soho square is dotted with a few pieces of art and everyone enjoys their lunch under the sun.

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