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Street food in London

Everything’s expensive in London.

If you want to stay in London for a while, I highly recommend that you should save as much as you can. It costs more money than you would expect!

For example, a glass of wine at a bar is basically about 6 pounds – almost two times the price in Japan, and 1.5 times in France.

So, the best way to enjoy the food in London is trying street food – they are cheaper than the same food that you find in restaurants and bars.

Normally, the price is different between taking away from eating in – of course, the former is cheaper!

Since there are many beautiful parks in the center of London, you can eat and rest whenever or wherever you want. When you want to try some new food, it might be a good idea to check the park near you first.

Anyway, you have many chances to discover food from all over the world that you had never had.


I had “SOUVLAKI” from Greece in Shoreditch, London the other day, and it was so nice! It is a popular Grecian food which is grilled meat sandwich with special sauce(I had the yogurt sauce with thyme).

English breakfast and Fish and chips, what we call, “the traditional English food” are also nice, but if you have more time and are interested in cheap but nice food in London, you can find many kinds of food while walking.

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I couldn’t find the parks in Shoreditch, by the way, so I had to stand up while eating.