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2015-05-15 // 0 Comments

日本語で読む Look at these cool cakes!  The elaborate designs of cakes triggered my interest at first sight. A lot of people stopped in front of the shop to take a [...]

Shoreditch in London

2015-05-14 // 0 Comments

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to every fashionable shop in Shoreditch, because of my short stay in London. If you like vintage fashion, you would spend most of the time [...]


2015-05-12 // 0 Comments

It’s funny that most of the people who hear just “the UK” ask me, “is the food good?” Actually, one doesn’t need to be worried about the food. There are so many [...]

Soho in London

2015-05-12 // 0 Comments

It is a well-known fact that London is a traditional and classical city. In terms of fashion, “trad(traditional)” fashion brands like Burberry, Mackintosh, Traditional [...]

Street food in London

2015-05-11 // 0 Comments

Everything’s expensive in London. If you want to stay in London for a while, I highly recommend that you should save as much as you can. It costs more money than you would [...]

Fortnum & Mason

2015-05-11 // 0 Comments

Fortnum & Mason, like Harrods, is a long-established department store in London. I’m sure most of the people know about their tea, but not everyone knows the amazing [...]

Harrods in London

2015-05-10 // 0 Comments

Show window displays are more brilliant at night. They look more dramatic when the characters of Harrods, a long established department store in the UK, start to turn the [...]

Hunter in London

2015-05-09 // 0 Comments

The show windows of Hunter, which launched a new collection under Alasdhair Willis, husband of Stella McCartney,for Spring/Summer collection, is unbelievably [...]
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