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2015-05-20 // 0 Comments

日本語で読む Finally, I did it! I could get to the food truck which I mentioned in my former post. I definitely wanted to get there though I didn’t have enough time, [...]

Canal St-Martin

2015-05-18 // 0 Comments

日本語で読む I’m not bad with directions, so I can usually get to a place where I want to go. But yesterday was different. In fact, the place which I wanted to go to [...]

El Tast

2015-05-17 // 0 Comments

日本語で読む Yesterday was such a happy day. Nice beer and sausages made me cheerful! So did the friendly staff!! “El Tast – CHARCUTERIE ET CAVE A BUERE” is such [...]


2015-05-14 // 0 Comments

It’s so easy to find popular boulangeries in Paris, because everyone lines up in front of the shops in the late afternoon. I’m sure a shop out of which people go with [...]

Eyecatching shops

2015-05-03 // 0 Comments

When I try to express shops, cafes and restaurants in a proper way in Paris, I always come up with these three words: small, snug, and cute! Every day, I see people [...]

Metro stations in Paris

2015-05-02 // 0 Comments

It’s easy to walk from station to station in Paris. I rarely take trains, because one time I almost got robbed. It was so scary! More than that, I like to walk in Paris [...]


2015-05-01 // 0 Comments

When I arrived at colette, it was more crowded than Merci which I went to the other day. Though it’s my impression, it became merely one of the major tourist spots in [...]

Opera Garnier

2015-05-01 // 0 Comments

It might just be me, but the sky of Paris is dreamy every now and then. Opera Garnier, a theater in Paris,looked glorious in the watery sky with picturesque clouds!   [...]


2015-04-30 // 0 Comments

Holding a baguette, people in Paris walk with a brisk stride – sometimes not so big… There are times when a part of the baguette has been bitten off because [...]


2015-04-28 // 0 Comments

Sylvan parks are a heaven of rest, for not only for children but also for adults in Paris. “Parc Monceau” lies in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, one of [...]
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