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Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum


Every time I come here, I get the excitement and the energetic power from them−the big sculptures in the garden which are filled with green, the old atelier and a wonderful installation.

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Taro Okamoto, a prolific artist in Japan, was born in 1911. He produced uncountable art pieces:paintings, sculptures, books etc. until he died in 1996 and his one-of-a-kind pieces are loved by many people.






This museum was the place in which the late Taro Okamoto used to live in and his atelier as well.

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This time, the exhibition was called “Words of Taro Okamoto” – it brought the curtain down on February 15, though the museum is opened almost all thorough the year. He wrote many books and left a lot of impressive words during his life. And this installation represented the huge amount of the correction of his words.

According to the official website, these words reflect  “how people should live.”

I was buried in these tons of paper and kept reading vibrant words.

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They offered to take one of the favorite pieces of paper below freely. So I picked a sheet of paper which will become the direction of my life.


How great he was!