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The Belgians. An Unexpected Fashion Story


Presently, the leading countries of fashion are France and Italy. However, Belgium is also a powerful country of fashion as well. Unfortunately, I found that Brussels is not so fashionable a city. Suffice to say that Brussels is traditional in a good sense while old-fashioned in a bad sense. For instance, I could hardly find nice boutiques in Brussels though there are a lot of fast fashion stores. Meanwhile, one can find sophisticated boutiques in Antwerp, in particular, on Hopland and nationalestraat. It is known that Dries Van Noten, a member of the Antwerp six, a group of graduates from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and proceeded to lead the fashion industry of the 1980s, chose Antwerp to open his boutique in Belgium instead of Brussels. Whereas, major fashion boutiques open their branches in Paris and Milan – the capital cities of the leading countries of fashion. Antwerp is the exception – it is not the capital city. Thus, it’s difficult for non aficionados of fashion to connect Belgium to fashion.

“The Belgians. An Unexpected Fashion Story” is a fashion exhibition of Belgium at Bozar, which is a place where one can experience art in Brussels.


The exhibition features leading fashion designers such as Dries Van Noten, Raf Simons, Diane von Furstenberg, Oliver Theyskens, etc. to up-and-coming new designers in Belgium.

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Christophe Coppens’ deer shaped cape and Manneken Pis with white coat welcomed me. There are tons of clothes! I was immersed in the fashion world and I really think Belgium is the country of fashion.




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