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Topshop in Japan disappeared out of the blue


Where have you gone? I miss you! I’m about to buy new items in your place!

Were they blown away by cold wind?

All “TOPSHOP” in Japan disappeared on January 31. According to livedoor news, all shops in Japan are closed except “ZOZOTOWN”, one of the popular online stores among young people in Japan.

I was astonished and shocked at the same time, because TOPSHOP is the most favorite shop for me among many fast fashion brands in Japan.

I know that the price range of TOPSHOP is relatively more expensive than any other fast fashion brands such as H&M and forever21(I think ZARA is the same as TOPSHOP), but I think their shops are very unique and fashionable especially in terms of the colors and the patterns of the clothes.

In addition, they have many lines― the cheap normal clothes, the expensive clothes of fashion show(TOPSHOP unique), cosmetics, lingerie… Everything’s so fantastic! I really like to shop at TOPSHOP.

Is that so difficult to compete with them in Japan?

Nobody knows because TOPSHOP doesn’t say anything yet.

Good bye, TOPSHOP.

I hope that they come back to Japan.