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Vascobelo, a coffee shop in Antwerp, is situated near by Cathedral of Our Lady. When I walked from Museum aan de Stroom (MAS), a unique museum in Antwerp, their eye-grabbing black façade and a bike with the characters “BELGIUM’S FINEST COFFEE” jumped to my eyes. I’m a sucker for coffee so I thought I couldn’t miss it. Besides, I was so tired after a long trip around Antwerp. It was a perfect timing to rest.


With their philosophy ,“coffee is an experience,” they “aim is to create a unique and memorable experience with every coffee [they] serve and sell.” Moreover, they commit to the coffee production process; they use organic, fairtrade and rainforest alliance certified beans.

As they say, having had the coffee at Vascobelo was totally an amazing experience. I had three good experiences in this cafe to share with all people who love coffee.

I went on a Wednesday so it was not so crowded; in Antwerp, though main streets like Mier, Schoenmarkt, etc., bustle on weekends, it is not so busy on weekdays. When I came into the cafe, the staff welcomed with nice smiles. They are affable, which made me feel comfortable. A barista offered to explain to me their menu, because they don’t have an English menu – their languages are Dutch and German in Antwerp. I was eager to drink their specialty, so I ordered cappuchino. My first good experience was that I felt them try to elaborate and commit to the customer’s satisfaction.

The second experience was the ambience. The seats near the entrance have many cushions with brown stripes, which was reminiscent of coffee. Each seat is small but cozy. I picked one of them and waited for their coffee. The cafe has two stories and a lot of seats. Moreover there are a number of books on the huge book shelf. Lights are placed regularly along the wall and the counter. Additionally, the cafe was clean in every nook and corner, even the restroom.


Final experience is, of course, the taste of coffee. The cappuchino was creamy and faintly bitter. I was very thirsty, so I was worried if I could drink a hot cappuchino. However, the temperature of the cappuchino was perfect!

These flawless experiences impressed me. I was surprised that one can taste their coffee in Japan. BbyB, which specializes in Belgium chocolate in Ginza, deals with their espresso. However, they only have a few available choices of Vascobelo’s coffees.

I hope they open their branch in Japan in the near future. The whole atmosphere of the cafe is great from my “experience.”