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vivo daily stand


There are only a slender counter and six stools hugging a neat and narrow, yet cozy space. A kitchen is always clean and well organized glasses carefully arranged on shelves are shining.

This night, while walking along Kandagawa near Takadanobaba Station, you can see many zestful lights as if they are proving their existence.


As of 7:30 pm, “vivo daily stand” – the name of what we call “bar,” a small eating and drinking space originated from several European countries, is already full. Six people with different backgrounds were drinking and eating and thoroughly enjoying their time. An employee was doing her job, sometimes talking with customers. Suddenly, one of the customers started to talk with the guest sitting next to them. But everything is so relaxing and carefree, calm and easygoing. Everyone shares the space and yet they still seemed separate in a good way. They appear as though they really know how to enjoy the moment.

All dishes are reasonably-priced the quantities just right. A glass of wine is ranges from 500 to 600yen. Most dishes cost 400yen each while some of them are even less than 400yen.

The most delicious one might be the “open sandwich of spinach.” According to the staff, spinach is stewed with white sauce and spread on a piece of bread and toasted until crisp. The food was so good that my first glass of wine begged for a second!


In this sophisticated Eurobar, you’ll a sense of a faraway while feeling comfortable right at home. So if you have time in your schedule, take a trip to “vivo daily stand” – you’ll never regret it! →vivo daily stand

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